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siccona  The innovative Siccόna the structural window, system will be participating in the BAU 2015 exhibition, held in Munich, Germany, from January 19-24, under the auspices of the  glaskon under the brand name: GSG Siccona All Glass Window system. 




GSG Siccοna is a system that stands out, passionately dedicated to contemporary architectural concepts and committed to satisfying modern energy saving, comfort and safety requirements.
The GSG Siccona All Glass Window system was developed based on the groundbreaking "Structural", technology, which has been widely and successfully implemented in recent years on Curtain Wall Systems all over the world.
In this case, glazing is a structural element which covers the entire outer and inner surface of the sash, from edge to edge. The system thus acquires a totally solid form—instead of the usually loose form when the glazing simply slides into the aluminium frame. This ensures unparalleled functionality, extreme strength, absolute water tightness, and aesthetic excellence.
The opening GSG Siccona All Glass Window system offers exceptional heat-transfer coefficients, while also ranking amongst the highest in the other categories (water tightness, air permeability, wind resistance etc.) established under EU directive ΕΝ 14351-1.
The system, with actual dimensions measuring 1.00 x 2.20 m and filled with Argon gas, passed all the required tests of the EU directive, held at IFT Rosenheim, the most stringent control institute in Europe, and achieved exceptional results in all tested parameters.
The sliding GSG Siccona All Glass Window system, thanks to its high-quality HAUTAU mechanisms, can reach 400kg / sheet. This means that the maximum sash surface is 10 m² for double glazing and 7.5 m² for triple glazing. The guide can be fully boxed into the floor, with only the inox roller guide left protruding (5 mm).
GSG Siccona systems are guaranteed in all weather conditions–thanks to their almost full external glazing, their powerful perimetric EPDM rubber gaskets, and the integrated Roto multipoint locking system (opening systems) or the perfect fit of the Hautau rollers (sliding systems).
Furthermore, if Argon gas is not used, the double-glazed GSG Siccona system can be equipped with an automatic Two-Way Valve that equalizes the pressure between the two glass panes to atmospheric pressure, when pressure differentials exceed 80 mbar.
The result is a system exhibiting unsurpassed functionality, combined with a clean, almost ethereal appearance, both externally and internally.


Photo from the participation of the GSG Siccona at the Bau 2015 exhibition




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