Aluminium Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters with aluminium - polyurethane slats

Aluminium rolling shutters with polyurethane-filled aluminium slats are lightweight and suitable for compact frames (windows).

They are mostly used when replacing wooden frames-rolling shutters, and they can either be manual, equipped with a crank handle, or motorized.

They are available in a wide range of aluminium-box dimensions, covering any technical requirement.

The boxes can be straight or rounded.

There is also a wide variety of ready-made slats in blue, green, grey, beige, as well as faux wood shades.

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Heavy-duty aluminium-profile rolling shutters

Heavy-duty aluminium-profile rolling shutters are equipped with aluminium slats and are suitable for large frames (doors and windows).

Due to their weight, their operation is carried out exclusively via electric motors, wired or wireless (remote control).

If the frames are small (windows), their operation may be carried out via reinforced straps or crank handles.

There is a wide selection of aluminium boxes, top-mounted or external, straight and rounded.

Thermal insulated rolling shutter boxes can also be installed, thereby minimizing any heat loss through the rolling shutter boxes.

Heavy duty aluminium rolling shutters can be electrostatically coated in any Ral, Mat, Sable and faux wood shade.

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Rolling Shutter Operation

  • Strap operation
    Straps are used in the operation of polyurethane-aluminium rolling shutters, as they able to lift rolling shutters weighing up to 12 kg.

    A reinforced strap can be installed in heavy-duty aluminium rolling shutters weighing up to 18 kg.


  • Motorized operation

An electric motor, wired or wireless, can be used for the operation of heavy-duty aluminium-profile rolling shutters.

The motors can lift rolling shutters with a weight ranging from 8 to 215 kg, and can stop automatically thanks to their obstacle detection function.

Both wired and wireless motors provided by center al come with a 5-year warranty.

Our company offers numerous options for automation-equipped wireless motors, for grouped or individual operation (operation of numerous rolling shutters simultaneously or individually), with multiple-channel remote controls.

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