Insect Screens

Vertical Rolling Insect Screens Or Horizontally Sliding Insect Screens

Vertical rolling or horizontally sliding insect screens are the ideal solution for small opening windows, as they are affordable and easy to use.
They are effortlessly and quickly operated via a cord, and retract with a spring.

They are also available with a retraction brake.
The fabric used is made of fiberglass (grey-colored) which is particularly tear resistant.


Plissé insect screens are horizontally sliding systems which provide a wide range of options, as they are easy to use and can be installed on all types of door & window frames, even those with very large dimensions.

The advantage of these systems is that they can be manufactured and installed to very large frame dimensions. They also provide effortless use, durability and an extensive design variety.


  • Their design allows the system to function without a lower guide (as it is equipped with a tread) thereby eliminating any potential obstacles along its path
  • their operation is carried out manually and horizontally
  • Their function is not based on a retraction mechanism, and can thus be effortlessly opened and closed, even by children, the elderly, or people with disabilities.
They can be manufactured :

  • up to a width of 3 meters and a height of 3 meters (single-panel)
  • up to a width of 6 meters and a height of 3 meters (double-panel)

In addition, their opening can be 2-sided (2 movable sections on the left and right), suitable for parallel frames.
The fabric used for the screens is made of black and grey fiberglass or, if requested, electrostatically coated to any colour.

The screen is delivered in the dimensions specified by the customer, and requires minimal installation time. The special clips on its rear section allow easy removal for cleaning or storage during winter.


Plissé with lower guide

The plissé screen with a lower guide is an affordable plissé insect screen made for windows and balcony doors, fitted with a slim lower aluminium guide for easy passage.

Its advantages include:

  • 22 mm required installation space (perimetrically).
  • 8 mm guide height, with rainwater drains on both sides.
  • Installation with mounting clips.
  • It comes fitted with an ergonomic handle and securely closes with magnets
  • The lower guide is not screwed to the floor, while it protects the cords by concealing them in its interior (the cords are not visible).
  • Maximum assembly width: 3 m for single-panel screens and 6 m for double-panel screens.
  • The screen handle is fitted with plastic caps on both the top and the bottom part to prevent friction with the upper and lower aluminium guide.
  • Available in 3 types: 1-panel, 2-panel and reversible (for parallel door and window frames).


The sliding insect screens manufactured by our company are the ideal solution for sliding aluminium systems, recessed and parallel, over doors and windows.

They are the easiest to use and most affordable choice for sliding systems, provided there is adequate space in the frame guide.

Their operation is manual and parallel to the door or window's motion.

The fabric used is grey-colored aluminium.

They are electrostatically coated to any colour, completing the frame's finished appearance.



Motorized insect screens are the only screen systems suitable for covering very large openings.

They can be installed on frames with a width of up to 4.20 cm and a height of up to 4.20 cm.

Their main characteristics are:

  • large wind resistance
  • unlimited visibility with fiberglass fabric
  • a fabric with increased strength and elasticity can also be installed
  • somfy wired and wireless motors and automations can be installed for their operation.

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